My name is the Oracle. I don't remember my own. I'm blind, and I can see the future. I hate it. If I have a prophecy, you'll hear about it. I just want it out of my head. Well, that's if the Voice lets me. He's a possessive creature...

((Hi! This is an independent RP blog for my OC, the Oracle. I will RP with anyone. Her face claim is Eliza Coupe, and all images or gifs are not mine unless specified.))

5th July 2012

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"Little demon, someone’s far from home." She gave a small smile. "I am the Oracle. They used to call me the Oracle of Delphi. What is it that you require, Logan?"

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    She nodded once, smiling. “Now, you said you had to go somewhere… Or has that yet to happen.” She frowned for a moment,...
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    He waved his hand. “It’s fine.”